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KYBELLA Treatment: Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin

KYBELLA: Dissolving Stubborn Fat for a Defined Jawline

Is stubborn submental fat, also known as a “double chin,” affecting your confidence? You’re not alone! Many people struggle with this area despite maintaining a healthy weight and exercise routine. But there’s good news! KYBELLA offers a non-surgical solution for achieving a more sculpted jawline. This blog dives into everything you need to know about KYBELLA treatment, including how it works, its benefits, and what to expect.

1. What is KYBELLA?

KYBELLA is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment designed to reduce moderate to severe submental fat. It contains deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in your body that aids in fat breakdown. When injected into the targeted area under the chin, KYBELLA destroys fat cells, leading to a gradual reduction in fullness.

2. Benefits of KYBELLA Treatment

Here are some key benefits of choosing KYBELLA:

  • Non-surgical: No scalpels or anesthesia required!
  • Targeted Fat Reduction: Addresses stubborn submental fat specifically.
  • Gradual Results: Allows you to see improvement over time.
  • Minimal Downtime: Most patients resume normal activities after treatment.
  • Long-lasting Effects: Once destroyed, fat cells in the treated area are eliminated.

Ideal Candidate for KYBELLA

KYBELLA is a safe and effective option for adults with moderate to severe submental fullness who are bothered by their double chin and are looking for an alternative to surgery.

Not Sure if KYBELLA is Right for You?

A consultation with a board-certified dermatologist can help you determine if KYBELLA is the right choice for your aesthetic goals.

What to Expect During KYBELLA Treatment

A KYBELLA treatment session typically takes about 15-20 minutes. Here’s a general overview of the process:

  1. Consultation: Discuss your goals and expectations with your doctor.
  2. Numbing Cream: A topical numbing cream may be applied to minimize discomfort.
  3. Injections: Small amounts of KYBELLA are injected into targeted areas under the chin.
  4. Recovery: Mild swelling and bruising are common, but usually resolve within a few days.

The number of treatment sessions needed varies depending on the amount of fat reduction desired. Your doctor will develop a personalized treatment plan to achieve your optimal results.

Unveiling Your Confidence with Ziva Wellness

At Ziva Wellness, under the guidance of Dr. Vini Singh, a board-certified dermatologist with extensive experience in KYBELLA treatments, we can help you achieve the sculpted jawline you’ve always desired. Dr. Singh will create a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and ensure a comfortable and positive experience throughout the process.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Vini Singh at Ziva Wellness today to discuss if KYBELLA is right for you. Take charge of your confidence and embrace a defined jawline this summer!